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Take That , Circus Tour

Just found a reminder of the Take That Circus Tour , which we done some amazing feathers for , in conjunction with a very talented stylist and designer, Michael Sharp. This was the second collaboration with Michael having already worked on the previous Take That tour. Maxine had been asked to create a design with instructions only being given in regards to the colours, and she came up with the follow design as you can see in the pictures illustrated. We have also work with Michael on the last Take That tour and one of the Costa cruise ships and each production has always been a great pleasure, so much so that we look forward to the any future projects.

20130920-000133.jpg 20130920-000143.jpg 20130920-000151.jpg 20130920-000158.jpg 20130920-000204.jpg 20130920-000210.jpg 20130920-000218.jpg
Take That, Katherine Jenkins, Girls Aloud...
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